My Professional History


I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Culture Affairs and Chinese/Japanese Studies from Valparaiso University, but the last 10 years of my career has focused primarily on editorial online content. I started by writing for—and later being hired full time to manage—article content for a Berkeley-based education start-up, building their first-ever SEO plan and writing team. 

I then took a few years off from the “tech world” to travel the real world… which was AWESOME.

Living out of a backpack abroad had its perks, but I missed leading a content team, coaching talent, and building meaningful content strategy to bolster the bottom line of a company whose values aligned with my own. I took the editorial reins at GoAbroad, where I managed 50+ remote contributors to produce 750+ pieces of unique content annually. Our output ranged from blog posts to long-form articles, not to mention landing pages, email drip campaigns, infographics, pop up ads, ebooks, and social channels. During my tenure, GoAbroad’s organic traffic skyrocketed quickly, growing by over 1200% in three years to over 20,000 page visits per day. In this timeframe, our focus on buyer-intent queries also lead to leaps in conversions, not to mention new outside investment in content sponsorship.

I created our entire content production process, from identifying keywords, building outlines for writers, coaching writers to capture our mission and style, publishing gorgeous pages, then tracking on performance over 12 months.

As well, I built a multi-hour comprehensive training program to mentor writers into successful freelancers for GoAbroad and themselves—not to mention built, designed, and managed our first-ever annual report (2018, 2019). From doling out assignments and holding due dates accountable, to building systems and maintaining a brand voice, I work with equal enthusiasm whether leading a project or working within a team.

I have been published on websites like NerdWallet, US News & World Report, and Tortuga Backpacks, and have overseen the publication and SEO optimization of hundreds of articles, videos, and graphics online and in-print. I work best when armed with tools like Moz and Google Webmaster, where I can identify high-impact, low difficulty keywords to target. Beyond writing, I have effectively audited and re-optimized previously published content to improve ranking, engagement, and monetization over time, leading to quick gains and more mileage per piece. 

Through my hardcore copy editing, attention to detail, analytical mind, and ability to write for the audience first (robot second), we can make the benefits of your product as irresistible as possible to our audience. Together, we can help our readers feel inspired to think harder about our ideas, our solutions, and ideally—click on our target conversion.

And did I mention I love deadlines? 

Thank you for your time and consideration,