I have seven years’ experience in digital marketing for the modern teenager and 20-something. My work largely focuses on themes of student travel. I have initiated email marketing campaigns, supported major promotions, championed laser-focused content development, and optimized all projects for maximum success. Here is a portfolio of my marketing career highlights:

Highlights: Writing

I pair advanced SEO skills with research-driven expertise to write engaging content for college-aged students.

I manage all written editorial content at GoAbroad, juggling contributors and relevant topics and establishing a consistent voice and credibility. Our articles directory can be perused here.

I rewrote 13 pages of study abroad landing-page content for the Foundation for International Education as well as the entire website copy for Premier Internships Ireland.

Check out all of my written work here.

Highlights: Video

In 2017, I was a project lead for GoAbroad video production, overseeing the strategy, content development, and publication of social & long-form videos.

Social example: How Studying Abroad Helps You Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

Long-form example: The Lowdown on Volunteering Abroad for Free

See more of the videos I helped create here.

Highlights: Graphic Design

GoAbroad similarly marked 2017 as a year to launch a more established graphic design effort site-wide. I managed and supported the production of:

  • Ebooks. Geared towards different types of travelers are different stages of travel planning.
  • Infographics.
  • Graphics and article images for social media. 


Highlights: Campaigns

  • Promotions
  • Email Marketing
    • I created and strategized our first-ever MyGoAbroad drip campaign, which was sent over the course of a year to 200,000+ users of the tool. Sign up for a sneak peek yourself. 😉
    • I manage content for GoAbroad’s regular newsletter, sent to 50,000+ users weekly.
  • Social Media
    • I keep an active personal social media presence and provide support, including writing copy and approving images, to GoAbroad’s social media team.

Highlights: SEO

The traffic to the GoAbroad articles directory, my content baby, has improved 650% since my start date. The average time on site has increased to 5 minutes, and both the bounce rate and exit rate have decreased by more than 10%. This has been done by following best practices for on-page search engine optimization, including advanced keyword and meta data strategies.

I have also managed outreach campaigns for backlinks as well as advised on site-wide breadcrumb strategies to improve site navigation and interlinking.