I’ve been making waves in digital marketing circles since 2010. Be it a new email marketing campaign, supporting major promotions, championing laser-focused content development, and optimizing all projects for maximum success, I approach my work with pride and a reader-first mindset. Here is a portfolio of my career highlights:

Highlights: SEO

The traffic to the GoAbroad articles directory, my largest content project, improved over 2000% since in a few short years. The average time on site increased to 5 minutes, and both the bounce rate and exit rate decreased by more than 10%. This was done by following best practices for on-page search engine optimization, including advanced keyword and meta data strategies.

I have also managed outreach campaigns for backlinks as well as advised on site-wide breadcrumb strategies to improve site navigation and interlinking, not to mention built successful content strategies for brands like Admission Sight and Low-Key Coffee Snobs from scratch.

I have created content that ranks for the coveted position 0 … 

… and garnered thousands of visits “out of thin air” to content that converts.

Highlights: Writing

I pair advanced SEO skills with research-driven expertise to write engaging content on education and travel.

I currently write and edit full time at NerdWallet. 

While managing written editorial content at GoAbroad, I juggled hundreds of contributors and topics while still creating a consistent voice and credibility. Articles published on their site today, long after my tenure there, still emulate my original content strategy and vision. 

I created the content for the Foundation for International Education, as well as the entire website copy for Premier Internships Ireland.

Check out all of my written work here.

Highlights: Video

In 2017, I was a project lead for GoAbroad video production, overseeing the strategy, content development, and publication of social & long-form videos.

Social example: How Studying Abroad Helps You Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

Long-form example: The Lowdown on Volunteering Abroad for Free

See more of the videos I helped create here.

I even star in videos from time-to-time, like these Facebook-live-videos-turned-Youtube-content.

Highlights: Graphic Design

I led GoAbroad’s efforts to improve its use of graphics, managing and supporting the production of:

  • Ebooks. Geared towards different types of travelers are different stages of travel planning.
  • Infographics.
  • Graphics and article images for social media. 

Highlights: Marketing Campaigns

  • Promotions
    • Past campaigns
      • The GoAbroad Meaningful Travel Manifesto collected over 2,000 signatures and defined our company ethos
      • The GoAbroad 20for20 Campaign gave away 20 scholarships to future travelers. We managed 10s of 1000s of applicants.
      • We launched a Gap Year Giveaway to celebrate GoAbroad’s new directory. The content I wrote to pair with the promotion has had over 6,000 lifetime views.
  • Email Marketing
    • I created and strategized our first-ever MyGoAbroad drip campaign, which was sent over the course of a year to 200,000+ users of the tool. Sign up for a sneak peek yourself. ?
    • I’ve managed specialized content for drip campaigns and promotional email newsletters, sending artfully crafted copy to 50,000+ users weekly and garnering consistent engagement.
    • I improved open rates for email campaigns at No Barriers USA by over 500% in under one year.
  • Social Media
    • I keep an active personal social media presence and have provided support, including writing copy and selecting images, to multiple social media teams, including GoAbroad, Paofit (later bought by Schwinn and LifeTime Fitness).