Hi there! I’m Megan Lee. I am an experienced editor,  writer, SEO and content marketer skilled in on-page optimization tactics, content management, virtual team management, fostering community, building systems to scale quickly and revamping inbound marketing strategies.

I have worked in international education, travel and online businesses in a variety of roles for over 10 years, with all of my job titles falling under one overarching pursuit: Learn how to better serve individuals as they pursue their best life — whether that’s travel in foreign countries, landing their dream internship or making a smart money choice.

I was formerly the Content Director of GoAbroad.com, where I combined my skills of writing, SEO, and project management with my love for experiential education. Tackling the non-commercial side of the business allowed me to think creatively about what resources are needed by future travelers—and I’m happy to share our content viewership increased over 1000% in just three years under my wing. I also earned a certificate in Student Affairs & Higher Education at Colorado State University (Go Rams!) to increase my knowledge of the inner-workings of college campuses and students.

I decided to tackle a new nonprofit project and expand my definition of “transformative alternative-education models.” I joined forces with the No Barriers team to help individuals push through challenges, find their inner purpose, and create good in the world.

Now, I co-lead the editorial content efforts of the Travel team at NerdWallet, where I inspire people to be savvy spenders and make that dream vacation a reality.

In my free time, I can be found at fussy coffee shops whipping up content for websites like Premier Internships Ireland, the Foundation for International Education, NerdWallet, and the The Gap Year Association, among others (you can work with me as a freelance writer—details here!). When not typing furiously on my laptop or engaging in conversation with strangers (that’s the best!), I’m usually hiking or spending an embarrassing amount of time watching cute animal videos.

It is my chief belief that traveling has the potential to unleash positive impacts on the world at large. However, traveling alone doesn’t do the trick. It takes conscious, concerted effort, sensitivity, and curiosity. Interacting in a foreign culture alongside strangers diminishes the “us” vs. “them” mentality and allows for more collaborative, collective thinking and joint visions for the future. It’s this mindset that I advocate for and humbly hope underscores all of my writing.