let’s work together

I am excited to jump on board your org’s SEO, content strategies, or social media efforts on a project basis. I also love writing! Find out more about my affordable online marketing services by emailing me at hello[[at]]meetmeganlee.com.

Hire me for:

  • Improving your website. You need sharp, creative copy and I write sharp, creative copy. Let’s talk.
  • Search engine optimizationSEO is the long-game that can set you apart from your competitors. Let’s talk about how to best serve your users’ needs, own space in SERPs’ #1-3 spots, and attach key conversions to your SEO efforts to improve ROI.
  • Content strategy building. Your blog is more than a place to post testimonials. It’s your top of funnel. Let’s chat.
  • Writer team management. Stop pushing back the deadline for that article you don’ t have time to write. We  can work together to build you an affordable, consistent writing team that’s well-trained in SEO and your products.

Here’s what current and former partners are saying:

“We collaborated on a handful of marketing and communications initiatives, and was thoroughly impressed with her ability to efficiently self-manage and execute strategic campaigns. Sharp and savvy behind the computer screen…”

“Megan is an excellent writer – but more so than that, she GETS it. She understands an audience, writes to them, is funny, and creates very readable, evergreen articles. Moreso, she’s extremely professional, easy to work with, and a joy to read.”

“Megan did a great job providing freelance social media support. A pleasure to work with – great ideas, awesome attitude, she just gets it and always strives for more.”